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At Corus Advanced Tackle we are proud to introduce our high quality intense baits and new range of fishing tackle.

Corus Advanced Baits are ideal for todays angler seeking the ultimate bait solution. Our tried and tested boilies are made with only the finest ingredients with high nutritional content, high protein levels and concentrated intensive flavours.

Turn a days fishing into a day of catching


Eight Irresistible Flavours Packed with Natural Ingredients

It's time to discover your angling advantage with our new slow release ultra intensive and totally irresistible boilies. With eight awesome flavours and two sizes to choose from it's even easier to find your perfect fishing partner and it's reassuring to know that all our baits are made the traditional way using only natural ingredients. View Range

Pop Ups

Ultra bright fluorescent colours for maximum visibility

Choose Corus mixed pop up boilies and discover your true catching potential with our stunning range of Krill, Monster Crab & Halibut, Green Lip Mussle, Robin Red & Tuna, Scopex Cream, Tigernut & Citrus, Vanilla & Almond and fabulous Coconut Cream flavours. Corus Pop Up Boilies have been designed to stand out with ultra-bright colours and strong flavours. View Range

Liquid Feed

Stuffed Full of Particles Proven to Boost Catch Rates

Corus Liquid Partical Feed is a revolutionary new additive that's delivering phenomenal results. Unlike normal liquid additives, Corus Liquid Particle Feed actually contains pieces of particles and crushed boilies within it. Rehydrating your boilies and giving them a lovely textured coating. Packed full of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this product is sure to boost your catch rate. Ideal as a bait soak for feeding baits or to mix through stick mixes. View Range


Thick, Sticky and Tasty – Naturally!

Corus glug is made from only 100% natural ingredients with strong flavours and a thick consistency, this PVA friendly additive is ideal for soaking hook, feed baits or adding directly to PVA bags. Comes in a resealable squeeze bottle. View Range

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