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Corus Cool Candy Full Range

Corus 15mm Cool Candy Shelf Life Boilies

After years of development and vigorous field testing, Corus Advanced Baits are now ready to offer the modern-day angler the ultimate bait solution. Our tried and tested boilies are made with only the finest premium ingredients with high nutritional content, high protein levels, appetite stimulators and concentrated intense flavours. These years round boilies have also been formulated to be easily digestible, making them irresistible to even the wariest of carp.

Cool Candy boilies unique aroma and taste makes them highly effective in cold water conditions and because the alcohol liquid is less dense than water the liquid will rise up through the water column.

With a washed-out look and instant attraction, Cool Candy is a must-have.

Cool Candy 10mm & 15mm Mixed Pop-Ups

Corus Pop-Ups have been designed to stand out with ultra-bright colours and strong flavours. Each jar contains mixed 10mm and 15mm sizes allowing for any situation that arises. Cours pop-ups are super buoyant and have a consistent flavour leakage. 

Years of testing and the finest ingredients make Corus pop-ups the ultimate carp hook bait.

Cool Candy Bait Spray(PVA FRIENDLY)

The new Corus bait spray is specifically designed to enhance the flavour of your Boilies/Wafters/Pop-ups etc.. The spray provides a boost of attraction to increase the level of flavour!

Corus bait sprays are a potent water-soluble attractant that's perfect for coating hookbaits, leads, leaders, PVA, Sticks and Bags.

100ml Corus Cool Candy Glug

Corus glug is made from only 100% natural ingredients with strong flavours and thick consistency, this PVA friendly additive is ideal for soaking hook baits, feed baits or adding directly to PVA bags. Comes in a resealable easy-squeeze bottle.

Cool Candy 15mm Wafters

The new Corus 15mm wafter hookbaits have been designed to attract fish with their high-quality ingredients. They are critically balanced to lighten the weight of the hook.

Please check your rig before casting as hook weights vary.

Cool Candy Liquid Particle Feed - 1Litre Jerry Can

Corus liquid particle feed is a revolutionary new additive that has had phenomenal results in recent field testing sessions. Unlike normal liquid additives, Corus liquid particle feed actually contains pieces of particles and crushed boilies within it. Rehydrating your boilies and giving them a lovely textured coating. Packed full of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this product is sure to boost your catch rate. Ideal as a bait soak for feeding baits or to mix through stick mixes.

Cool Candy - Cool Candy is packed with soluble milk proteins and fine bird food boilie crumb. Incredibly sweet tasting. (PVA Friendly)

All our liquids come in a 1 Litre resealable jerry can.

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